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Meet your Posture Specialist 

I started experiencing back pain after having my first child. Back then, I had a job where I sat for 8 to 10 hours a day. Outside of work I was not very active in my daily life. I first heard about The Egoscue Method® after attending a Tony Robbins event back in 2011. My interest was piqued and I read the book Pain Free written by Pete Egoscue. I started using his static back exercise whenever I began experiencing back pain. This provided great relief. I still use the static back exercise to this day. I have used some of these method during my many years as a Physical Therapist Assistant .

I have found my passion in helping people through physical therapy and still practice as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I have worked mostly in orthopedic clinic and have experience in pre and post surgical therapy, women's health, acute/chronic pain, neurological conditions in pediatric and geriatric population, worker's comp, and am a certified Fall Prevention Specialist. 

Posture Clinic ABQ started as a way to serve others who are in chronic pain and needing additional insight into to the root of their musculoskeletal pain. Even as a child, I've always wanted to help people. Through the Egoscue Method, I’ve found a great results driven way to do that. You may have heard of the saying "Hurt people, hurt people." This can mean that when people are in physical pain, they have a tendency to react negatively towards others. I want to help create a better world for my children and the future, through helping others feel their best.


Jacqueline Nolte

Egoscue Certified Postural Alignment Specialist


More about me...

I am a mother to two beautiful and sweet children who keep me motivated and busy. I am a wife to my kind hearted husband who has been with me through sickness and in health since 2007. We also have a rescued Aussie Shepherd who is currently taking over our household. 


My husband and two children are active in Jiu Jitsu. He often jokes that he goes to train and gets beat up, then afterwards I put him back together. 


Besides being a housekeeper, cook, kid's chauffeur, and personal assistant, I keep myself grounded with doing yoga. 

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